1st & 2nd Grade Programs

1st and 2nd Grade Specials Program
Culture Connection

The arts serve an essential role in helping to develop the whole child.  Our 1st and 2nd Grade Specials Showcase is a way to highlight some of that important learning.  At Gold Rush Elementary each year the first and second grade students explore a theme during their Art, PE, and Music classes and then have the opportunity to share their learning with parents and invited guests.

This year, students will present a "Culture Connection" showcase - with a focus on Global Awareness highlighting Arts, Music, Dance and Games from various countries and cultures.  Students are asked to wear a solid color shirt in the color of one of the Olympic Rings:  Yellow, Red, Black, Green, or Blue.

Each performance will last about 30 minutes and will highlight work learned through the students specials classes.  For the music portion, students will perform through singing, moving and playing instruments.

Thursday, March 2nd   6:15-6:45
Mrs. Rossi's 1st Grade and Mrs. Meier's 2nd Grade

Thursday, March 2nd   7:15-7:45
Ms. McMillan's 1st Grade and Mrs. Moore's' 2nd Grade     

Thursday, March 9th   6:15-6:45
Ms. Robart's 1st Grade and Mrs. Woolumss' 2nd Grade 

Thursday, March 9th    7:15-7:45
Mrs. Martino's 1st Grade and Mrs. Graham's 2nd Grade

Please look for your child's class above and save the date and time.  Since there will be two different performances on each night,  parents and students are asked to arrive only 15 minutes prior to the performance.  Students are asked to wear "work-out clothes" for this program. 

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