Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 11 - April 17-May 5

At GRE the specials schedule is a 3 week rotation - so 3 weeks equals 1 instructional week for me with all of the students.  That's why this post is called - Week 11 (April 17 - May 5)

Here's what happened In our eleventh week together___

  • Kindergartners - Second Grade focused on a review of Instrument Timbres this rotation.  We started with the singing game, Old King Glory of the Mountain, but with each person taking a small percussion instrument (claves, jingle bells, maracas, rigged woodblock/guiro, triangle or hand drum) as they were chosen to join the line of marchers.  Once everyone had an instrument, student conductors led the group by touching colored dots on the floor - one for each timbre family.  2nd graders extended their knowledge of timbre by sorting instruments into timbre families and having additional turns to conduct new music with the colored dots.  First and Second Graders took two days to explore each small percussion family using our Colored Dominoes activity.  The musical score is created with  colored dominoes and each small percussion group is represented by a color within the score.  Students play their instrument when their color comes along.  We varied between Tutti and Silence on black - which had no particular group of instruments associated with it.  Kindergarners reviewed the timbre families with our "Listen" game using two of each instrument family in the game
  • Third Graders, Fourth Graders and Fifth Graders all got to participate in a Music Olympics.  This is a really fun way to review our music learning and skills in competitions and games.  We took one day to choose captains, teams and meet to sign-up for Ribbon Events.  Over the course of the two week Music Olympics, each student competes in at least one Ribbon Event of their choosing, along with all of the various team events.  This week Music Olympics focused on Rhythm.  The Ribbon Events included the Rhythm Reading Contest (solo performance) and the Rhythmic Dictation Contest.  Team events included Rhythm Roll, Rhythm Grab, Dice Scramble, and Team Rhythm Dictation.  

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